Best 65-inch TVs in 2018 Reviews

Samsung 70-Inch 4K Smart LED TV
High image quality. Excellent and beautiful design. Excellent operating system. Great improved gaming potential. Oxidizing noise. Reduces brightness and LCD display.
Potentially potentially contributing to the hardware capabilities of its modern OLED screen technology, LG in 2018 turned its attention to the software that controls these screens, and this shift in focus produced surprisingly impressive results, improving and even removing many of the residual errors associated with the 2017 years, really outstanding 4K OLED-sets.

The OLED65E8 loses a bit of sound from its predecessor, and this year it is expected to compete fiercely with Samsung's new Samsung Q9FN TV, but all the growing legions of OLED fans are likely to hear that the OLED65E8 is the best OLED 4K LG TV has ever done.

6. Sony XBR-65Z9D

Excellent image quality SDRLarge pop-up lightingLOOK AT THAT PRAG TAGLimited effective viewing angle
Look, not many people are ready to give up $ 5,500 on the flagship 4K TV from Sony in 2016. But to those who will treat the best images of this side of the cinema with high technologies. In the world of LED-LCD there is nothing better.

In fact, it could just be the Holy Grail of Television: A 4-inch UHD TV is capable of combining the extreme, high dynamic brightness range of LCD technology with a 600 LED backlight that can bring the LCD closer than ever before the stunning light you get technology OLED.

If this were not enough, the 65Z9D also equipped the X1 Extreme video processing system and the latest version of Sony's reliable Triluminos color technology to unlock the extended color spectrum associated with HDR sources-if you want to get the most out of your movie collection.


Excellent image quality. Combined functions. Highly effective intelligent platform. Maximum brightness for HDR. Very expensive than last year.
We have long loved the LG-series OLED 4K TVs with last year's B7 OLED as the top of the affordable OLED technology. But this year LG postponed the B-Series and instead made the C-Series its front screen.


Although we are slightly surprised by the price increase from B7 last year to C8 this year, it's hard to say that this is unreasonable: LG C8 is based on the success of last year's models, which allows the TV to deliver stunning HD / SDR images and equally impressive 4K / HDR image. It's not as bright as an LCD TV, but these deep blacks are of tremendous importance to the dynamic range of the image. It is also capable of bright and gorgeous colors, not to mention the amazing level of detail with native content of 4K.

The intelligent webOS platform remains the most accessible, and the choice of streaming services is unmatched. After you add a great design and a full set of features, you have one of the most advanced UHD 4K TVs we've ever seen.

8. Samsung Q7FN QLED TV

Stunning color accuracy. Perfect for day view. Decorative panel with illumination. Limited viewing angles.
While Samsung's Q7FN is not the pinnacle of 4K QLED technology, this honor is reserved for Q9FN - it's an excellent compromise between price and performance, offering a bright screen, three HDR shapes and incredibly accurate colors for $ 1,799 (£ 1,999, AUD 3,699).

Ambient Mode adds design aesthetics to please even the sharpest eyes, and its slow-play gameplay makes it a competent companion for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. HDR + mode helps to revive HD / SDR content, and of course, the content of 4K / HDR has shimmering shine when viewed on this set. While the Q7FN is not exactly home, it is still a strong mid-range variation for 4-mm UHD TVs.
Best 65-inch TVs in 2018 Reviews